A la Carte

Intuitive Healing Sessions

I guide you on your journey of healing.  Everyone is unique, we have had our own life experiences, and therefore your session is unique to you as well.  Intuitive sessions may include a variety of modalities including:

Yoga (acro yoga, thai yoga massage, aerial yoga, yoga wall)

              Breathing exercises

              Emotion Code release

              Mental & Emotional Release

              Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques


              Cacao ceremony

              Sound Bath

Mental and Emotional Release

The requisites for change include:





All four are necessary for optimal change.

Believe it or not the easy steps are release work and goal setting.  The steps that most people neglect are the Action and Focus, this is what distinguishes those that are hugely successful in life.

A La Carte Sessions provide the client with the opportunity to refocus and get back into action toward their purpose.  What if these sessions helped you figure out that gap between where you are and where you want to be? Schedule a 15-minute Discovery Call and we will decide together which A La Carte Session will best suit your needs. 

Do you feel like you’re carrying more baggage than you really need each day?  Do you feel like you have more issues than Sports Illustrated?  What if all learning, behavior and change actually takes place at the unconscious level?  Are you ready to release the negative emotions that may be keeping you in unproductive patterns? 

This technique guides the client to release negative emotions (anger, sadness, guilt, hurt, anxiety, conflict, shame, etc.). 

Personalized Yoga Sequences
Values Transitions

Would you like to transition from feeling like a victim to feeling understood by others?  Are you feeling like hurt and rejection are reoccurring patterns for you, or perhaps guilt or unworthiness?  Are you ready to let go of those limiting beliefs and behaviors and embrace self-acceptance, forgiveness and totally going with the flow? 

This technique guides the client into identifying their top values in the main areas of their life, and remove any conflicts that may be present between the values

Be-Do-Have-Give Reset

Do ever feel like you’re not able to BE who you were meant to be?  Do you find yourself going through the motions of your day, doing things that don’t seem to have a bigger purpose? 

This technique helps the client identify their obstacle in accomplishing a goal, then it assists them in creating congruency in all areas of creation, transformation and completion.


What if we have so many mental stories playing out that we have actually lost touch with our inner Self?  Are they really your stories, or have you adopted others’ stories and realized they aren’t serving your highest purpose anymore?  Have you consciously tried to listen to your own intuition, and feel like you just can’t do it?  Are you ready to re-establish connection with yourself?

This technique elicits the unconscious mind in helping the body to heal, eliminating problems, and aiding in future successful outcomes

Emotion Code session

Have you ever noticed that you experience emotions that don’t even feel like your own?  Do you ever why you continue to feel the same deep emotions over and over?  Do your emotions overwhelm you?  These could all be indicators that you have accumulated too many stored emotions.  This session will help you release stored emotions with ease.

Healing sound bath
Sound Healing

We each have our own unique signature vibration of energy.  When we are living in that signature vibration, we are living in ease and bliss.  Everyday stressors are simply speed bumps and not roadblocks.  Sound baths are designed to bring negative energy to the surface and release it from your energetic field while at the same time assisting you to recalibrate to your signature vibration. 

Cacao Ceremony

Cacao is chocolate in its raw form, ceremonial cacao is a plant medicine that has been used for thousands of years, originating with the Mesoamerican people.  One main benefit offered through cacao ceremony is the compound theobromine, it assists in cardiovascular health, and opening the heart chakra.   Many will experience a greater ability to give and receive love during and after ceremony. 

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